Mini-Book Readers: Animals


A set of 20 small foldable mini-books about animals to practice reading. (Downloadable PDF)

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20 pages = a set of 20 mini-books
Full colour

This product consists of a set of 20 foldable booklets. Your child can now learn something interesting while practising reading. Each booklet is designed on an A4 page in the form of a “zine”. Folding instructions are included.

Each booklet focuses on an interesting animal:
* Vulture
* Baboon
* Flamingo
* Honeybee
* Hyena
* Pangolin
* Camel
* Kangaroo
* Lion
* Elephant
* Frog (life cycle)
* Indian Peacock
* Hippopotamus
* Scorpion
* Silkworm (life cycle)
* Black mamba snake
* Tiger
* Chameleon
* Bat
* Whale shark

On the last page of each mini-book are 5 comprehension questions.

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