Hello and welcome!

We’re happy to have you as part of our team. We’re going to work together to do great things and we’re excited to get started. Let’s make sure every time someone clicks on a link you provided, it counts towards your success. Let’s go!

How does it work?

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which companies reward third-party individuals for generating traffic and leads for them. When you join our affiliate programme, you will be supplied with a range of images and links that you can use to promote our products on social media or your website. When a user clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to our website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. You will earn a commission on each successful lead.

30 Day IP/Cookie Tracking: Your referrals will be tracked for 30 days, which means that you will be credited with the commission even if a customer only places an order 1 month down the line.


Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, and account balance and see how your banners are performing!


To join our affiliate programme, we’re looking for individuals who are computer-savvy and independent. We value your skills and your ability to navigate the digital world with confidence. If you’re ready to take charge and make the most of this opportunity, you’re exactly who we’re looking for. Plus, if you’re an influencer or own a website, that’s a significant advantage. Let’s partner together for success!

Programme details

You get 15% for every sale you deliver.

R250 – Minimum balance required for payout.

Commissions earned will be paid into your bank account.

Payments are made every second week.

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