Trump Cards Mental Maths


Trump cards to practice mental maths. (Downloadable PDF)

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8 pages
72 playing cards

This product consists of 72 playing cards:
* Addition sums (18 cards)
* Deductions (18 cards)
* Grind sums (18 cards)
* Partial sums (18 cards)

The sets can be used separately or together.

The rules:

*  Shuffle and deal the cards – face down.
*  Players pick up their deck of cards and look only at the top card.
* Player 1 (to the left of the dealer) chooses the highest value on the ticket and reads it aloud (eg “Cute: 72”).
*  The other players see if they can surpass it.
*  The player with the highest value wins all the other players’ losing cards and places them under his pack.
*  The winner of that round chooses the next value.
* If two or more players have the same value, all the cards in play are set aside. The same person
choose a new value. The winner of the next round also wins this pile of cards.
*  The player who ends up with all the cards (or has the most cards) wins the game.

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